due to efficient collaborations and streamlined processes necessary for rectification.


The Design and Builders Practitioners and Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act 2020  has impacted the strata space and changed the way remediation works are undertaken . Wardell Remedial are registered building practitioners who have taken on board these changes and created a streamlined system through experienced partnerships to simplify the whole process from design to completion of your remedial project.

In partnership with structural engineers and consultants, we collaborate along the 3 stages of the remedial process – drawing upon building, waterproofing and structural/remedial engineering expertise to provide the best outcomes for clients.

Our Approach

Our core approach focuses on professionalism, compliance with Australian standards and innovative thinking for resolution of defects. Our main objective is optimal client satisfaction.

Our dedicated and collaborative team specialises in waterproofing and remedial building, where our experts can investigate projects in-depth, through diagnostic and water test reporting, to detect defects with precision and provide solutions to ensure these defects are addressed.

Rectifying Waterproofing Defects

Research from the NSW Building Commissioner shows waterproofing is the most common serious defect found in Class 2 residential apartment buildings, whereby 63% of buildings with defects having waterproofing identified as one of the defects. Waterproofing defects are a significant cause of financial and emotional pain among property owners. Poor quality products and workmanship during initial construction can lead to leaks, structural inadequacy and surface deterioration. Although waterproofing comprises a minor role in construction, it is essentially the most important element of the remediation process.

Remedial Services

We offer services across the spectrum of remediation works, including:

  • Investigative analysis
  • Waterproofing rectification works (liquid and sheet membranes)
  • Concrete repair (concrete spalling)
  • Structural rectifications
  • Façade refurbishments
  • Flashing repairs
  • Handrail upgrades
  • Other building repairs
Concrete structual repairs (2)